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YouTube stänger Knappnytt-kanalen. Surprise?

Var inte så jävla förvånade. Det var väl klart att Knappnytt, som såväl bröt mot upphovsrättslagen förtalade folk, provocerade med barnporr och allt möjligt annat, slutligen skulle blockeras av Youtube. Det är ju en amerikanskägd sida som måste följa amerikanska lagar och deras högerkristna kyskhetsideologi.

Youtube är inte morgondagens jävla videosite, så håll käft ni som förespråkar denna reklaminfesterade, videoinlåsande, proprietära skitsida.

Ni som är förvånade borde alla ta ett djupt satans andetag och fundera på varför man tycker om slutna tjänster utan transparens som lyder under ett efterblivet lagrum och har en historia av censur.

Särskilt Fat Statement bör se till att distribuera videoklippen själva under en fri licens, enkelt nedladdningsbart och länkat från hemsida i ett fritt format så att det aldrig kan vara semi-olagligt att se videoklippen. (och givetvis utan reklam för deras produkter så det t.ex. kan sändas på lokal-tv)

Nu går jag och tittar på film med min underbara analoga VHS-bandspelare där man fortfarande kan se filmen trots inkorporerat “kopieringsskydd” etc.

Betnér, Schyman, Jan Guillou och De Samlade Verken

Magnus Betnér gjorde nyligen en parodi på Schymans brännande av pengar. Han protesterar mot miljöförstöring, cancer, död, barn i Afrika(???) och inte minst fildelning (som orsakar allt det tidigare). Säkert att elda barn i stora ugnar också.

[youtube meUcITdU_ks]

Tyvärr verkar video response-mojängen på YouTube vara kajk och inte existera, åtminstone inte på Betnérs klipp. Jag ids inte bry mig. YouTube är en slav under upphovsrättsoligopolet.

Fast här är responsen i alla fall [youtube censurerar dock], eldande av en dator för att Jan Guillou kommer på en när någon anonym solglasögonbärare fildelar hans samlade verk. En UmeTV-produktion som gjordes 2009. Vi säger väl, för sakens skull, att den är licensierad inklusive musik med CC: Attribution-Share Alike.

YouTube now has at least one illegal music video

Ha-haw! Really good timing, I must say, that a new video site has been launched to stop illegal music videos. This just after I’ve published an illegal music video myself [Swedish post with reasoning]. On Google’s YouTube.

EMI, Sony och Universal have teamed up with Google. Together they have launched the site Vevo, which offers music videos.

However, my music video upload is illegal in a much more interesting fashion than random culturally unbothered kids who upload music videos with Lady Gaga and Kanye West respectively. Let me present what I’ve actually (not) done by sharing the previously linked music video to YouTube:

  • I’m not infringing the founding rights of the creator (Swedish: upphovsrätt) on a random video track with half-naked hoes, bitches and hoes.
  • I’m not infringing copyright to the recording of artist Donovan’s song and guitar.
  • I’m not infringing the right to attribution either (Swedish: ideell upphovsrätt).

So what’s the problem? Well, one must remember that also text and melody are protected by the founding rights (which in Sweden incorporates copyright). Besides, these two elements are what most YouTubers are looking for, right? The video track itself is merely a tool for creating a broader experience – not something you’re specifically looking for in most cases. Granted, people are looking for the original rather than some garage cover – but that’s beside the point considering what’s copyrighted is the immaterial text and melody.

Please note also that Donovan – the poor artist (Swedes: kortföretag får mer än låtskrivare) who’s the victim of my infringement, does not have founding rights to anything other than just text and melody. So the only illegality which could possibly generate arguments of morals for Donovan is that “illegal music videos” contain his text and melody. Thus my filesharing is just as “bad” as the music videos Vevo “must stop” (Swedes: DN tycker att deltagarkulturen “måste stoppas”).

The interest for music has shown to be great on YouTube […] and users often upload prohibited versions of popular songs. Most are removed nowadays.

Tee-hee-hee! I feel like a cigarette-shoplifting 13-year old right now. I’m like the big criminal, like you know, yeah. Generation Gratis ftw. I mean, this self-recorded (static camera movement) clip with music performed by a singer-songwriter “is theft, pure and simple” too, if one listens to the debate noise. Would you like to see my illegal upload by the way? Here, have a look – just make sure you don’t break the law yourself by downloading it (streaming doesn’t exist):

[youtube v10oDeQDzZo]

Well anyway. I hope you enjoyed the illegal music upload. Being a member of Piratpartiet in Sweden, I feel it is important to discuss these small, in the general population often overlooked, consequences of a law which is supposed to increase creativity. Now allow me to finish off this post with a self-explanatory (according to me) quote which explains the media industry our world has to deal with. To a great extent because of the copyright dilemma:

Vevo does not work in Sweden yet. When it comes here is uncertain.

Kortföretag får mer än låtskrivare

Universal screws Pulp and the Common People

Universal Music Group (UMG), the largest of the “Big Four” record labels, owns the copyright to the cult band Pulp’s music.

UMG is a company that wants to ride the digital rollercoaster that comes with YouTube, its million-user userbase and thus free advertisement. So they got themselves an account there long ago.

This is the first time I ever, personally, see a video they uploaded. And boy what a disappointment! Here I am, playing the video for Common People and getting all inspirational, thinking “aha, I want to ride in a giant shopping cart!”. Some lyrics I recognize come along, and I start humming along…

you’ll never fail like common people,
you’ll never watch your life slide out of view,
and dance and drink [……….]
’cause there’s nothing else to do!

What the fuck?! What happened to “and screw”? Talk about ruining well-recognised lyrics with a significant pause in the vocal track. This came very abruptly and I was disappointed I didn’t just go download a clip off The Pirate Bay or something.

Seriously. They didn’t censor “sleep with”, then why should they censor “screw”? Heck, they could’ve defended the “foul language” with interpreting it as “you’ll never screw a light bulb like common people”…

And on the same subject, how about the lyrics “smoke some fags” in the same song? Doesn’t that translate into “kill homosexuals with a gun”? Be consistent – censor anything that might be “bad”!

Also, I can’t embed the song on my blog due to UMG’s YouTube settings. So I won’t link the YouTube page either. Screw you, UMG. Go away and come back when you understand the internets.