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The Kooky Kopimi Kult

Monique Wadsted, representative for the Hollywood Mafia in Sweden, says that there is a small cult around the The Pirate Bay guys. Apparently this file sharing and Kopimi spirit isn’t a national, or international, phenomenon.

All things illegal are bad, must cease to exist and we should all listen to the MAFIAA regime, who know how the world works. Their sovereign plan is to force their medieval view upon everyone, lobby changes in national/union law and then just sit back and relax while the world denounces technological advance and proclaim you and your posse king of Ye New Olde Worlde.

– A regular teenager understands that this thing with file sharing is criminal and can’t go on forever. They will not walk the school yards with t-shirts with [The Pirate Bay crew’s] portraits.

//Dagens Nyheter, 2009-02-13

KopiminatiFortunately for her (or the followers?), she has not yet found the Cult of Brokep’s secret lair on the internets.