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France passes "three strikes"-legislation

It seems as (what I call “French parliament” below) that “the chamber” (Google translate) has passed the three strikes-law, but it also has to pass in the “Constitutional Council”. Anyone better at French democratic procedures, feel free to fill in information – for me it all sounds like Sarkozy’s personal little playground anyway. To sum things up, France sucks. It sucks at the Internet and it sucks at things related to democracy.

France has now implemented the “three strikes”-law, “in waiting for being passed in the Constitutional Council”. This law means that if you’re charged (or convicted?) three times for copyright infringement (on the Internet at least), the government is allowed to impose a nation-wide ban on your Internet use.

France enables an Internet-ban. In the 21st century.

That is, you can’t e-mail funny images or look at lolcats, which is what I guess the French parliament thinks the Internet is all about. But let me tell you one thing, France. In our less sucky civilisation Sweden, the Internet is also used to look for jobs, browse encyclopaedias, read newspapers, keep in touch with friends, contact lawyers and doctors confidentially. Many parts of Sweden’s infrastructure implies Internet access. It’s even part of our minimum living standard.

I don’t know about you, French parliament, but I find that restricting people from these tasks is not part of a democracy. You can’t stop people from using the most democratised media in the world – which in turn has a global spread. The internet is here to stay. We won’t let you harm it or its users.

So say goodbye to the 21st century and hello to the stone-ages, fellow Internet users in France. But don’t worry, if you’re willing to fight there’s a whole party of pirates in Sweden ready to fire away! One thing we’ll do for sure is fight the Telecoms Package in the European Union, which may enable (encourage) all countries in the EU to implement this “three strike”-law.