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France vs. Democracy

“Imagine a database whose aim is to centralize and analyze data on people aged 13 or above who are active in politics or labor unions, who play a significant institutional, economic, social or religious role, or who are ‘likely to breach public order.’ At first glance one might think the country in question is Russia or Zimbabwe but the truth is, it’s a democratic nation which is implementing this database. Specifically, France.”

BOUJA! That’s how we like it. Keep track of the … wait, no not criminals. The … wait, no not terrorists. The … yeah, PEOPLE!

If you stick out from the crowd and perhaps have a revolutionising idea, don’t trust anyone with it. You should keep the idea to yourself and – when you’re fed up with it – apply for a proper job. Where you do what your boss tells you to do. And if you are the boss, you should do what others bosses do. Namely, telling other people to do stuff that’s already been done.

Are they really, really, really, super serial with this?

Wait, there’s more… (from the article)

“There is nothing in the decree that sets limits or a framework. Whether the database is used with or without moderation depends only on orders from up high.”


The information that can be collected includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, physical appearance, behavioral traits, fiscal and financial records, and details about people who have personal ties with the subject.

Critics say this means the police can store data on people’s ethnic origin, sexual preference or intimate relationships.

Seriously, France sucks.

British surfers, beware the sharks

Not-so-great Britain’s six biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – BT, Virgin Media, Orange, Tiscali, Sky and Carphone Warehouse – are currently going nuts. I just read that will actively cripple their users’ connections in order to “prevent” file-sharing.

Oh wait. Did I say file-sharing? I meant music piracy. That is, not movies, literature or so – only music. Well okay, I guess the music industry still hasn’t figured out what to do with all that junk inside their trunk. But the whole discussion around “protecting copyright”, intellectual property and whatever gets twisted when only some copyright should be protected. The least they could do is get other businesses, like the aformenetioned movie and literature industries, in on the deal.

Anyhow, I will probably concentrate more on the discussion of copyrighted materials, intellectual property, file-sharing, internet in general and such in my future posts. Lately it’s been quite a lot regarding the “FRA law” in Sweden, but I believe I may tie all my interests together rather nicely.

It’s actually rather disturbing and embarrasing to see an entire industry clinging on to their old-fashioned ways of dealing. Authority when you’re not authoritative, biting the hand that feeds you, putting blind-folds on and screaming “it’s your fault!” – none of this will work. Maybe it’s because [so far western] society as a whole is evolving towards some kind of split. A split between those who can adapt to a society based on free (as in freedom) information and those who can’t.

Anyhow. Till later I suppose any British users should change their ISPs. As mentioned above, the sucky ones are: BT, Virgin Media, Orange, Tiscali, Sky and Carphone Warehouse. For what I know, PlusNet is owned by BT.

France seems to suck at the internetS

SR, the Swedish Radio, writes that France blocks websites. We’re talking about websites containing “child pornography, sites that encourage terrorism or have racist messages”.

I should probably not even discuss the child pornography, so I’ll leave that subject due to respect for my sensitive readers.

However – the reader must acknowledge the two other categories. Isn’t quite an ordeal to define what actually “encourages terrorism” as well as what should be interpreted as a “racist message”? To have this discussion it’s not even necessary to use the argument that “terrorism for one can be freedom for another” and vice versa.

Shouldn’t censorship be taken as terrorism against the internet?

“it is violence against civilians to achieve political or ideological objectives by creating fear”

a modern definition of terrorism on Wikipedia

Well okay, it might be stretching it too far. However, I would say that:

  • in a digital world, blocking access to a public computer is as violent as keeping someone out of a public park.
  • the goals are as a matter of fact rather political, or rather in political interest.
  • applying an official governmental stamp on what’s “not allowed” has the same fearful effect as making anything illegal.

Asking the general public in France to browse the internet to report illegal sites is somewhat odd too. What will your common internet user think of 4chan for example? Don’t sites like that have the same right to exist, considering the incredibly active userbase, as Wikipedia or Wikileaks?

And while we’re on the subject of how much the French jurisdiction sucks, how about the fact that they want to (and probably will) ban copyright offenders from the internet? That might cause some problems in conjunction with the European Union’s ambition and decision to make computer literacy equivalent to reading/writing. This because most errands are now made in a digital manner. So in the future, if you’re not allowed to use the internet, maybe you won’t be allowed to vote?

Update 2008-10-09 18:15

“ban copyright offenders from the internet?” link updated due to previously incorrect and non-existant link.

Så blev Sverige sämre helt plötsligt

Det är olagligt att läsa varandras brev. Det är olagligt att avlyssna någons telefonsamtal. Det är olagligt av en anledning, en viktig anledning. Man ska nämligen inte behöva vara orolig att ens åsikter, liv, korrespondens och relationer antecknas, bokförs och lagras för framtida bruk.

Det är olagligt att göra ovannämnda saker i ett demokratiskt samhälle eftersom individen, folket och samhället tycker att det ska vara det.

Så när det inte är olagligt längre, ens för vanliga och laglydiga medborgare, är det verkligen en demokrati? Om folket inte kan styra utan blir styrda; alla viskningar blir avlyssnade men protester dämpas – är det en demokrati?

Jag har tidigare varit skeptisk mot Piratpartiet, men de är de enda som drivit denna fråga – en av de viktigaste i vår tid – med engagemang. Här har ni info från dem om vad som nyss har skett.

Idag införde lagstiftarna allmän avlyssning
PRESSMEDDELANDE: Praktiskt taget en statskupp

Övriga rapporteringar har skett från en massa håll. Har ni fler bra länkar, kommentera gärna.

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