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Open your post boxes – the next step for Wikileaks submission/publication?

This just in, MasterCard pulls plug on Wikileaks payments.

Ah, is this reason enough to cancel my Maestro card subscription? And start living life with cash only? Or should I just get another debit/credit card? Hm, I wonder what VISA’s opinion is regarding Wikileaks.

Fortunately bank transfers are still available, Wikileaks mirrors say the following:

There are four ways to donate:

1. Online Transfer via Credit Card
2. Bank Transfer [option 1: everyone]
3. Bank Transfer [option 2: tax deductible in Germany]
4. Postal Mail

But with recent political and governmental activities, we can strike the following from the list:

  • No. 1 is no longer applicable for MasterCard users.
  • No. 2 and 3 (and no. 1!) are dangerous for users in the European Union (due to the SWIFT agreement to disclose all EU money transactions to the US government)
  • No. 4 may very well (at least soon) be closely surveilled – by corrupt governments and/or companies. If they won’t leave our internet alone, why would they leave our snail mail alone?

The above steps are for financial support. But what about the actual submission of leaked material? The content for the site. That too is under heavy scrutiny by organisations, companies and governments all over the world. And as of now there is only one “trusted facilitator” for Wikileaks material submission – the post box which will soon no longer be available.

I believe the next step for Wikileaks leaking is to continue the mass mirroring effort. However I believe they must take into account that they cannot keep doing what they’re doing forever, as law enforcement comes much closer and gets more agitated. The documents Wikileaks supposedly have that will be relased after analysis must be distributed as well, to retain a reliable storage.

I am confident that Wikileaks are doing a good job in anonymising the material they receive and remove sensitive data which could potentially harm innocent individuals. However I don’t know how they maintain their data redundancy – which must be done to ensure that not even the most massive destructive attacks may destroy their unreleased knowledge database.

Anyone providing material to Wikileaks should at least consider share the data in other ways, to other leaking facilities, through secured and anonymised channels. The occasional whim of paranoia helps you secure your (or in this case others’) data.

Should anyone for example send material to one of my post boxes – be it just copies of what someone else gets – I’d make sure to keep it as confidential (or public) as it is asked to be. Should something happen to our favorite whistleblower site, there’d be at least another physical copy at:

Mikael “MMN-o” Nordfeldth
Box 404
90108, Umeå

This is an actual request of leak material. Please send copies to my post box, to ensure both that single Wikileaks post boxes aren’t covertly inspected/manipulated – and that the postal offices has at least two chances to deliver the material. It’s not always they succeed, you know…

Regarding financial support and forwarding of money, I don’t wish to say that you should trust me or anyone else unless the organisation you wish to support condones it themselves through official channels. Perhaps it’s soon time for Wikileaks to find a more distributed channel for financial support, though.