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Funding new Creative Commons films

I’m currently trying to find as many Creative Commons films as possible now, both non-commercial and share-alike. The non-commercially licensed films are interesting because one can have open screenings – but there’s a lot of confusion as to what “commercial” means, so there are always risks of legal battles. The free CC license “attribution share-alike” peaks my funding interest however, as it really liberates culture (to the extent possible whilst current copyright laws exist).

My latest support was for The Cosmonaut, from whom I bought the “New Kolibri Programme” present. This gave them a small contribution and I got a letter in my mailbox saying I’ve contributed (see below). Nice. And I know that the material will be freely distributed later on, giving me some comfort rather than the emptiness left behind after paying for a strictly copyrighted film.

Also I just found another free (short) movie project that hasn’t been shown much attention at all yet, even though being in post production. Vodo.net has it posted on their website, and there’s a Kickstarter project – but unfortunately they’ve only raised $5000 out of $15000 desired so far with a deadline of October 28th. The film is called A City to Make Me, an independent sci-fi noir film currently in post-production, and will be released under a Creative Commons by-sa license according to the FAQ on Kickstarter.

So the question is how much I am able to donate – and how many others who will notice it before the deadline. I’m writing about it here and now to gather support because it would be nice to see the film released and contribute to the ranks of free culture. Maybe it has to get up on The Pirate Bay to become successful? The Cosmonaut didn’t have to, but are there any other ways of quickly gathering the much needed support from pirates and other free culture supporters?