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System administration hardcore

There’s music for every occasion. Monotonous, hierarchical thinking (monotonous, hierarchical programming) demands nice, retro chip music or similar. (at least it makes you feel more hackerish.)

Reggae suits the softer, more laid back moments. Or just general throw-your-hands-around dancing of joy.

System administration, when retarded users run random trojans every once in a while, demands the hardest, most destructive of hardcore.

So meet Lesra, from Umeå. Their latest album available at The Pirate Bay of course. Fortunately they’re playing at Verket tomorrow. I might use that for the very effective therapy-through-moshpit method.

Yes. I do ponder banning my subordinated lusers (BOFH speak!) from the internet. If they can’t handle it, they shan’t use it!