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The Authors Guild discriminate against the handicapped

Apparently Amazon now caves on the retarded outburst from Authors Guild head Roy Blunt, Jr. Amazon will now implement technology to prevent people with for example eye-sight deficiency or other reading difficulties to enjoy good litterature. Not in general though, it’ll be left up to the authors to decide whether to .

Therefore, we are modifying our systems so that rightsholders can decide on a title by title basis whether they want text-to-speech enabled or disabled for any particular title.

In Sweden, fortunately, there are exceptances to copyright law which aids people with disabilities to consume culture. There are certain restrictions to what the copyright monopoly can restrict in regard to making available texts as audio. This because people who have a hard time reading books also have a right to consume culture. I have a hard time thinking that anyone in Sweden could publicly accept the collateral cultural damage Amazon’s actions will cause.

We’ll see how the various unavoidable Kindle-style devices that are soon to sprout up in Europe and Sweden handle the issue. Hopefully the European Union won’t fall for the same threats as Amazon and issue federal laws that discriminate against less fortunate citizens. Because then we might as well say goodbye to public culture as we know it. Because of copyright-monopolistic maniacs.

Fuck you, Authors Guild.