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Security through obscurity

Sometimes I’m amazed as to why certain implementations remain – or were originally – in production use at all. Especially when it comes to restricting user access and such. DRM is an old-school example of such a security scheme which is defective by design.

My latest real-world encounterment of “security” is related to wireless networking. Everyone knows that wireless communication is unmanagable. You can attempt to direct it in the right path, but you can never stop anyone from capturing or even interpreting the communication. By being unmanagable, it is also deemed insecure by default. Sure, one can apply authentication, encryption or mere security through obscurity to stop randoms from using a wireless network. But given time, knowledge and devotion, no network is secure – even less a wireless such.

If a network has implemented proprietary authentication methods, invested in filtering hardware/software, require unique user certificates/logins to surf… The least you’d expect is that they also disabled internal routing for the city-wide VLAN, spread over countless of wireless access points. So you can’t just put up a bridge between that network and the outside world… But I’m not  complaining. I just think they shouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of making it seem verifiable/secure.

This is comparable with what I heard at a meeting yesterday. “Computer scientists don’t solve the problem, they bypass it”. This strategy of course spills over on “problems” which manifest themselves as “can’t do what I want” or “nothing is impossible!”.

If you can’t fly yourself, build an airplane!

IFPI.se is hacked

Question is if it helps or makes a disservice. This is what the site contains, in simple Courier font.


Den hänsynslösa jakt som IFPI, Antipiratbyrån, Warner Bros och alla andra företag med en bricka i spelet bedrivit har nu resulterat i en rättegång där fyra oskyldiga män står åtalade för upphovsrättsintrång.

Det här är en krigsförklaring mot antipiratindustrin och aktörerna bakom den, och vi uppmanar allmänheten till bojkott och lynchning av de ansvariga.
IFPI är bara början. Fortsättning följer.

Den Nya Generationen

# credz till: anakata, TiAMO och brokep

Which freely translated into English is:


The ruthless hunt that IFPI, Antipiratbyrån, Warner Bros and all the other companies with a foot in the game has now resulted in a trial where four innocent men are charged for copyright infringement.

This is a declaration of war against the antipiracy industry and the agents behind it, and we encourage the public to boycott and lynching of the responsible ones.
IFPI is just the beginning. To be continued.

The New Generation

# credz to: anakata, TiAMO och brokep

In the HTML source you find the following commented line twice:

<!– !d.n.g! ludvig werner – monique wadsted – henrik ponten – rasmus ramstad – per sundin !d.n.g! –>

This won’t win sympathy for the pirates, but still it’s a rather equal way of fighting back against those who run this trial at the cost of Swedish tax payers, the justice system and democracy.

Update 2009-02-18 20:12

“…this is not a trial against The Pirate Bay, it’s a declaration of war on the internet!”

//Marcin de Kaminski, 090216

Internet slår tillbaka.

Update 2009-02-18 20:30

The message has been taken down by Ifpi’s web administrator and now has the following message:

Välkommen till IFPI Svenska Gruppen
Sidan är tillfälligt tagen ur drift

which in English is

Welcome to IFPI Swedish Group
The page is temporarily taken out of service

Update 2009-02-19 07:28

Waking up to a message that just when I had gone to bed, ifpi.com and ifpi.org were also down. Though it seems more like Denial of Service to me than a hack. That’s really super-uncool.

Restricting information flow is bad, no matter which “side” you’re on. Except maybe the spread of false information and lies, but Ifpi just don’t really know what they’re talking about. So they’re not lying. Thus they should be spared the humiliation.