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A little trouble with my car

I ran into some trouble with the car on my way home after a house party and clubbing with Missy. Fortunately no one caught any pictures of me (my hair was MESSY!!!).

My work last Monday that went wrong hasn’t turned out too bad for me so far, I feel pretty safe. Just a couple of scratches and stuff, nothing bad.

What colours are your cars, readers? Do you even have cars? I want a pony.

Chocolate ball making time!!!

I’m getting ready for a maaassiiive house party with Miss Nathalie. Tonight I’m going for softy pants and a slacker look!

I made some chocolate balls for people to munch on, and covered them with Santa Maria fruit flavoured sprinkles. Green and pink/purple sprinkles on dark, chocolate salty balls – it looks REALLY NICE!

I’m awaiting my guests any minute now, they’re going to be BLOWN AWAY by my precious outfit.

Missy & MMN-o go trippin’

TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT. WE’RE GONNA MAKE IT HAPPEN! I’m listening to old music that I found on an Absolute Music CD. Really great stuff!! Makes me want to dance!

In this party mood I always check what Missy’s doing. And she says tonight it’ll be champagne and a maaajor house party!

That’s great, because I really need to cheer up after all the commotion when I took care of some business at Ersboda last night… I mean, I had just that morning washed my clothes and all…

Anyway, the picture on the right is what I’m wearing right now! I’m back at red being my favourite color now :D

What drinks should I mix tonight? Nypshots are out of the question!

Walking and graffiti

HELLO! I’m just back from a peppy walk from downtown to Ålidhem where I live. The weather was great and I feel my spirit rising when I breath the fresh air outside!

I think the walk is about 4km or something. I have to get rid of my accumulate “party fat” somehow, you know. Dancing doesn’t cut it, I still have slightly too thick thighs. :(

When I was walking I also saw a carrot painted on the side of a building. It was bright orange, like carrots are. Umeå would be much prettier if more walls were covered in colorful imagery! But graffiti is illegal, so I don’t think that would be possible…

Hmm… Speaking of carrots, I came to think about food and health in general! Because I like to be healthy maybe I should become a veganitarian? But maybe only a little, because I would never give up my favourite coffee brand kopi luwak.

I also took this fantastic photo. Speed walking!!

Have you readers taken any flashy pictures you want to show?

Laundry and/or shopping time!

I’m doing my laundry today, phew! It’s so much hard work, sometimes I wish I could just rent a maid or something to do it for me. I think everyone should have their own little Polish household appliance who can wash clothes and clean one’s room.

Actually I shouldn’t really do my laundry at all, it would be much better if I could just buy new clothes whenever they get dirty. That way I would save water too, washing machines waste a lot of that!

What if I could buy one new outfit per day? It’d make me feel much better about myself, it would help Sweden’s economy and result in a lot more clothes we can donate to poor populations around the world! Whenever I watch the news, people in poor countries seem to wear only rags. I feel really bad for them…

Nerdy and funny. It's totally ME!

Maybe one of them good help organisations could support me here! It would be great if for example the Red Cross movement could buy me this nerdy t-shirt! A friend of mine recommended it specifically to me because it’s nerdy and funny :) Also, it’s blue, which is my favourite colour! (yes I know red is that too, but I can’t decide!!) The t-shirt says “I see dead pixels” and is layouted as if it was a dot-matrix display. Isn’t it funny? :D

What do you readers think? Should the Red Cross or the government or someone subsidise clothes? That way we who live in rich countries can give away much more necessities to people in need!

Santa visited my garbage facility

Everytime I throw away my garbage I have a look in the facility where the neighbourhood collects all the trash. Sometimes you can find really neat things there! Today I found a little standpiece resembling a family of tomtar!

I also found some nice cloth that I intend to decorate my room with. It’s bright orange or maybe slight pinkish and it’s really cute! Next time you’re in a garbage facility, have a look around. I bet you’ll find something very neat!

However, now I really need my beauty sleep or I won’t be able to go out tomorrow. I know I seem like a tough person, but actually my weakness is how people view me! If they don’t see you as someone on top of their game, what’s the point of anyone seeing you at all?

Sunday clothing and a healthy breakfast

After my haircut I wanted to dress up extra nicely, so I went through my wardrobe. Later, when I came out of the closet, I had myself a nice pair of pants and a t-shirt with a pretty red mark on it. I’m not sure what it really means, but I like the color red because it’s so warm and nice. But it’s not a definitive top choice or anything, because sometimes I wanna go back to the blue room. Blue reminds me of water and the sky.

My pants seem to change colour between the pictures. I’m not sure why, maybe I have to get a new camera. I feel it’s time anyway, as I really like computers and technical stuff. Especially new things. Maybe I’ll get one of those iPhones, they’re pretty and not so confusing as it only allows one application active at any given time. Also, you can listen to music on it! Spotify <3

After dressing myself I came to my senses and made me something to eat. For today I ate rice, reheated in a sauce pan of course. Microwave ovens are potentially lethal according to the scientists. The radiation might stay in the food when you take it out and thus cause a higher risk of getting cancer.

I sprinkled some basil on top to get more green vitamins

I make all my food in ordinary sauce pans and avoid anything like fat and salts and sugar. That way I don’t have to feel as bad when I eat a bag of chips later when I watch a movie on the telly.

I don’t know what will happen later today, but I’m hoping for something exciting! Bye, cutie pies!

My new haircut

After washing off my makeup from last night’s clubbing this morning (why do I ALWAYS forget that before I go to sleep?) I took a well deserved shower. With me I brought my dear pair of scissors and got to work on my haircut that I promised you dear readers!

Here you can have some tasty pics of my new, marvellous shorter hair! It’s great that I don’t have a furrish head and more of a modern, business oriented style. More like me, simply put!

There you have it! My nice posing pics, showing off my glamoroua hair. Please note my awesome, knitted yarn cap too. It has funny balls hanging from strings, which.I fancy very much! Nice, huh?

My sleeping grounds

WOW THAT WAS A GREAT NIGHT I HAD AT THE CLUB! It’s too bad that they have to close down at 02:00, that’s much too early! Fortunately we clubbers can put our faith in the political movement that want us to be able to dance and drink much longer into the night!

I also realised that I have to cut my hair now, so it’s not as 20th century anymore. The future requires shorter hair, I think it’s because of this evolution thing I read about in school. And of course I also want to stay in the top fashion league no matter what. I’ll grab a pair of scissors as soon as I can tomorrow and promise I’ll post some pics tomorrow for y’all! You know you can trust me, right? *smile*

Anyway, now I have to go to sleep, I’m exhausted! But I’m definitely going to sleep well in my fortress of solitude! If you haven’t seen it before (as if you’d have a chance! ;)), you can have these two pictures of what my little sleeping corner looks like:

I made it into a fort after inspiration from a master pillow constructor! But I only had cardboard boxes filled with heavy junk to build with… But you have to suffice with what is given! *tee-hee*

Remember to check my haircut story tomorrow! Good night cuties!