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Police raid at Forskningsavdelningen

Forskningsavdelningen, a hackerspace down in Malmö, Sweden, was raided by the police last night. I got this message about it:

Tonight we had a police razzia at our space, some shit have been taken by the cops. we will write more about it tomorrow!

Please see our videos (the videos are in really bad quality but we are speaking about whats happening so it’s good to watch if you want to get some more info about the police razzia)

Here is the videos: bambuser.com/forskningsavd

I have no information about what has been removed from site or what is actually going on. What I do know is that Forskningsavdelningen are awesome, technically interested youth. Many of them are enthusiastic members of Piratbyrån, [previously] active within The Pirate Bay site and Piratpartiet as well as other pro-internet [un]organisations. As well as totally unrelated to any of those organisations and just interested in the beauty of engineering and hacking.

See an example (Swedish) of what they do there in Metro Teknik. Besides having RFID workshops, general coding, conferences and stuff.

[bambuser 346430]

People who are interested about what’s happening can check the Bambuser feed and perhaps just visit their site to read more. The video above describes that there was a punk gig in the house where Forskningavdelningen is, but before they had a chance to start the police arrived.

Update 2009-11-29 05.14: It seems all/most technical equipment (except an Xbox or so?) was taken from what I hear in the latest video:

[bambuser 346641]