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The HD revolution


Seriously, what’s the point? What the hell? Look at the image of the babies. Note the circled button. It’s not just two babies laughing at each other – it’s two babies laughing at each other IN HIGH QUALITY!

Ok, it’s not “High Definition”. YouTube calls it “high quality”… But… Most stuff on YouTube nevereverever needs this “high quality” they speak of. That, for me, is kind of the point of user-generated content sites. The charm is in the amateur’s quaint way of doing things.

The following clip is not in high quality. Do you think it would be better if you had the “HQ” button for it? No. Probably not. And if you do, I think you’re retarded.

[youtube -88ExWR-pb0]

This is, quality-wise, similar to the debate I’ve had with people who prefer DVDR to DVDRip. Sure, there’s a difference in quality. But that difference is so small compared to what actually matters. Same thing on YouTube.

DVDrip and DVDR are both, compared to 720p/1080p, completely useless. But then again, who really needs that resolution? I get the whole “awesome”-feeling about it, but when the hell does your own equipment actually measure up to the standard?

Analog video and audio which is easily modifiable using standard electrical equipment is the best when it comes to usability. Feel free to compare analog media vs the “HD revolution” with remix cultures vs. record companies etc.

Digital media requiring intelligent chipsets are ideologically bad for hobbyists. Though note that this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy high image quality when it’s used in a good manner. I just think that filming babies laughing and offering a “high quality” version of it is rather redundant.

Also let me revert my statement slightly more. I do prefer hacking media digitally. My point lies in the accessibility and obviousness of analog instruments. It’s all realtime. The circuits managing digital media require a buffers and frames to a much more destructive degree.

Update 2009-10-15 13:45: YouTube as an HD option as well. I suppose no one actually gains less information by watching for example Go Open Source or Go Home in SD though…