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#payablogger (or other creators I suppose)

I’ve noticed the Flattr(?) campaign to pay-a-blogger. This is their campaign video:

I’m not sure what to think of the video really, though I find the idea interesting. Two thoughts strike me immediatly:

  • Bloggers often blog because they can’t afford anything else. They don’t go scuba-diving because there’s not enough money – thus supporting your blogger perhaps means they get less time for blogging (but of course a higher quality of life, most likely)
  • Bloggers (the ones that matter) often do other things too (like work). Several people I know have projects that take up much more time than their blogging – so remember that not only active blogs are worth supporting! Bloggers do research, development and communication besides just writing.

But on to the subject: I’ve already asked for economical support to protect this blog from surveillance by seeking protection in the Swedish constitution – but as the #payablogger race is still on, I might as well ask someone to incorporate my blog in their payablogger-support.

Other choices of bloggers to support, as I’m honestly quite happy with what I’ve gotten so far, are:

  • Hannes Mannerheim for his attempts to introduce people to real social media (Quitter is StatusNet instance).
  • Johan Ekblad for his work on swedeCopy – a filesharing site for friend and family user groups
  • …whoever reminds me of their work and that they’re also a blogger that I must’ve forgotten. The above two are just the most recent people I’ve noticed doing good deeds.

Gogo Flattr rangers!