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Let's say yay for a nay to privacy!

For what’s going on around the world, ZeroPaid sums it up good. Countries are adding invasive laws which defy basic privacy privileges. How about Australian completely technology-illiterate laws that want to “filter the web”?

But of course that’s not all, India’s police is now getting ready to bust into any home where people are surfing porn or just doing arbitrarily “bad” things. The fact is they already have this law in place since December 2008.

Oh and in Sweden, we’re soon about to give rights to private individuals rights that police have been lacking. That is, go into any home due to some vague delusion that someone in a certain house has been file-sharing.

And then Sweden, as well as Britain and probably all other European nations are getting ready to track every individual’s [cellphone] movement, website visit and other means of communication.

Actually, out of all these examples, India is far worst. They have a cocktail of fascist technology-related laws that’s already been passed. Back here in Europe however, we’re shouting our asses of to stop all that’s currently going.

If someone knows what you do, they can know who you are.

This is just too insane to believe. I can’t understand how it can possibly even be considered. What’s happening is that the world is becoming like any dystopia we’ve fantasised about. Police states, corruption, social decay and kind-of-mind-reading.