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27C3 here I am!

Pics or it didn't happen? Hah, I'm hiding my face behind Mr. Impact! It never happened.

Telecomix table, basement, bad air. Chaos Communication Congress reminds me a bit too much of a stugmys occasionally. But the lectures are interesting and very varying in content. The most interesting so far has been on etching PCBs, with reverse engineered Epson printer hardware making it print wax instead of ink. The best experience was The Concert, by no doubt.

I have met a lot of interesting people, not only internet activists and such. I’ve also managed to assure a couple of people for CAcert (free SSL/TLS certificates). I doubt any of the contacts so far mean I can bring them home with me, but this has been really inspirational so far. And interesting security issues, political debates and stuff have been presented.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time and internet access to detail my experiences, which would explain the level of interest that 27c3 peaks. Actually I don’t really think I should, because it would not do justice. Either you should watch the lectures yourself or simply plan to go here next year.

Telecomix omnipresence

Regarding lectures, I just missed Data Recovery Techniques but will make it in time to either The importance of resisting Excessive Government Surveillance or Backdooring Embedded Controllers. The first one is probably the better for my representation here for Ung Pirat Umeå, so learn hear things I can bring back with me.

Should anyone else want to see any of the lectures held, most of them are streamed (and dumped). After the congress they’ll be available for download.