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Will you help WordPress move away from GoDaddy?

So the drop-GoDaddy-campaign seems to have gone pretty well. Some larger sites, and many smaller sites or personal users went to another registrar. One service I noticed however that started giving me errors after distrusting GoDaddy as SSL CA was Gravatar.

Gravatar is an email-to-avatar service from Automattic – the same company that’s the main driver behind WordPress. Automattic is known for supporting free software, open web standards and the company founder Matt Mullenweg is a trustworthy supporter of both objectives. As it showed however, their domains and SSL certificates were all registered through GoDaddy. So I did a whois check and sent an e-mail to the domain administrator:

Hello, I’m curious whether Automattic has a stance on SOPA – the Stop Online Piracy Act- which is in a heated debate all over the world right now.

Why I’m asking is that I noticed (after removing GoDaddy from my trusted CA database) that the SSL certificate for wordpress.org/.com as well as domain names are registered at GoDaddy – who helped write the suggested piece of legislation. automattic.com also seems to be registered with them.

Several websites have already moved their domain names away from GoDaddy, as part of a worldwide boycott since yesterday:

So what can one hope for in this case? An answer with “why yes of course, we will spend several work hours changing registrar and certificate authority just to make you happy”? Or a more modest “it is in our interest that blah blah, but you know they did change their mind about SOPA” or something along those lines? Well, the response was one of the more modest ones:


Thanks for your suggestion. We’ve registered your suggestion and will keep it in mind.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Karim – Happiness Engineer
Automattic | WordPress.com

“Sorry for the inconvenience”? I sincerely enjoyed that expression! In any case, I was hoping that this post might generate some interest with my readers to send off an e-mail to support@wordpress.com or domains@automattic.com requesting they leave GoDaddy’s services. Wikipedia and many others have already done it or are in the process of doing it.