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The Chewbacca defense rerun

The second act of The Pirate Bay trial – Spectrial pt. 2 – The Appealhas now been initiated.

For this event, I am hilighting the video I edited hastily for the first part of the trial. Håkan Roswall happens to be the prosecutor in this case, and the scene in South Park presents a defense attorney. But they’re saying just about the same thing, so I figured that it works anyhow:

[youtube uEydw5p3BBQ]

Unfortunately the second round consists mainly of repetitions of the first act. By this I mean actual reruns of recorded hearings etc. Incredibly boring. Though it is probably for the best considering how everything – exactly as it was said in the last act – should have freed the four accused of “assisting making available copyrighted material”.

Unless, that is, Google is responsible for its search results’ contents.