Contact & snail mail

Primarily you should use IRC for quick conversations and questions. I’m on several networks, including the one run by Umeå Hackerspace at <code></code>.

E-mail is also a good method, perhaps superior for longer conversations. The main e-mail address is . Though you should make sure you’re using a non-spam-like subject (and especially not an empty one). If you would like to encrypt the communication, use the OpenPGP key below.

OpenPGP public key

OpenPGP public key: mmn.asc [31022 B]
$ sha1sum mmn.asc
ab4699cfe1454fabfdb19eb19f20c4d3eb888c01  mmn.asc

OpenPGP public key fingerprint:
AE68 9813 0B7C FCE3 B2FA  727B C7CE 635B B52E 9B31

Snail mail

If you need to send MMN-o anything physical (maybe OpenPGP encrypted files), use the following postal address and it will be delivered to a postal box in Umeå, Sweden:

Box 404
SE-901 08, Umeå

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