The Research Bay

Marcin de Kaminski från Cybernormer utlyste nyss en tredje upplaga av undersökningsformuläret The Research Bay. Den går självklart att ta del av genom en länk från The Pirate Bay (om inte ens leverantör filtrerar det, så man behöver ta sig runt spärrarna med t.ex. TOR).

Jag fyllde just i mina svar och på sista rutan där man själv i fritext får spekulera kring fildelningens framtid skrev jag följande dystopiska analys:

Filesharing seems to be slowly dissipating due to “streaming” services like Netflix and Spotify. These services in turn force DRM or DRM-like structures upon users which results in users no longer controlling the media they partake in.

Commercial streaming services like the aforementioned also control the selections a user can make, as opposed to filesharing where users (by exception of mass hysteria) can choose themselves. Filter bubbles (as well as “we don’t have a license for that song”-bubbles) cause tremendous harm to independent producers who cannot reach out using otherwise commonly used commercial services. It may have a devastating on non-big-media culture.

If we do not continue filesharing with storable media and can remain free to download, store and share our personal choices using our own harddrives and network connections, I believe a large part of contemporary cultures around the world will be lost in archives and aging harddrives.

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