Mirroring Wikileaks, big names are talking

Scene crack/demo group Razor1911 supports Wikileaks by donating mirror hosting at wikileaks.razor1911.com. This as a response to all the attacks against a free internet.

Just look at companies and nations caving under the pressure of the US government – recently Paypal shut down Wikileaks’ account (again) and a Swiss bank froze Assange’s assets.

Bigger and bigger players, names and acts are taking this issue more and more serious. Expect to see South Park episodes about this sooner rather than later.

Of course Anonymous have pursued Paypal with DDOS attacks (“Operation Avenge Assange”). A bit boring, but still maybe causing some sort of effect. In either case, it’s a fact that Paypal should definitely be relieved of some monopoly for micro payments.

So now that I’m running wikileaks mirrors on my hardware, should I expect “government sanctioned DDOS attacks” as people call it? Well, good luck trying to shut me down together with another hundreds of – and growing – mirrors.

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