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I help out with computer related issues at a multitude of workplaces, homes and in general just places where people need a working computer or a network of computers. This means I have a say in what software can be used. Today I permanently uninstalled at one of these places – in favor of LibreOffice.

When uninstalling, your browser opens an “Uninstallation survey” at’s website. It asks you for how long and why you’re uninstalling OOo. I marked “Permanently” and answered the following questions:

Why are you removing the installation?
Other: Oracle does not support free and open source software

Which Office productivity suites do you intend to use from now on?
Other: LibreOffice

Please provide any additional details on your reason for uninstalling
Oracle has permanently damaged the trademark for and now I can only trust LibreOffice to remain the free and open source software I wish to use and recommend.

I urge every FOSS supporter out there to do the same because of Oracle’s [non-]actions and LibreOffice’s promising future.

3 thoughts on “Permanently uninstalling”

  1. I uninstalled Open Office on my computer, Ubuntu 10.10, and install Libre Office for the above reasons.“

  2. ‘Oracle does not support free and open source software’
    What about btrfs then? Oracle does support that to a great extent.

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