Maverick Meerkat upgrade

Today I’m updating my webserver, which this blog as well as a couple of other sites, to Maverick Meerkat. The Ubuntu 10.10 release, released on the 10th of October. Here’s how the distributors describe it:

Some time ago a group of hyper-intelligent pan dimensional beings
decided to finally answer the great question of Life, The Universe and
Everything. To this end, a small band of these Debians built an
incredibly powerful distribution, Ubuntu. After this great computer
programme had run (a very quick 3 million minutes…or 6 years) the
answer was announced. The Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and
Everything is…42, and in its’ purest form 101010. […]

On my desktop(s) I’ve been running the beta/release candidate for a couple of weeks having only minor troubles. Nothing like when the boot procedure was switched to upstart etc. (in 8.x or 9.x something?).

In either case, while writing this post the update is already finished, server rebooted and no problem have arised yet. Not even once like that with apache and php-cgi that I had with my latest distribution update.

One thought on “Maverick Meerkat upgrade”

  1. Jag hade stort hopp om att den skulle fixa min huvuddator, en best med två stycken dual core-processorer, tre grafikkort och sex skärmar. Lucid Lynx installerade fint, men ville inte spela ordentligt med grafikkorten.

    Tyvärr blev jag besviken. Oavsett om jag installerar från CD eller uppgraderar från Lucid, så blir resultatet det samma: blank skärm med en död cursor och hängning direkt vid boot. Jag var dessutom tvungen att installera från alternate-CDn, eftersom vanliga CDn gav samma resultat vid boot.

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