Universal screws Pulp and the Common People

Universal Music Group (UMG), the largest of the “Big Four” record labels, owns the copyright to the cult band Pulp’s music.

UMG is a company that wants to ride the digital rollercoaster that comes with YouTube, its million-user userbase and thus free advertisement. So they got themselves an account there long ago.

This is the first time I ever, personally, see a video they uploaded. And boy what a disappointment! Here I am, playing the video for Common People and getting all inspirational, thinking “aha, I want to ride in a giant shopping cart!”. Some lyrics I recognize come along, and I start humming along…

you’ll never fail like common people,
you’ll never watch your life slide out of view,
and dance and drink [……….]
’cause there’s nothing else to do!

What the fuck?! What happened to “and screw”? Talk about ruining well-recognised lyrics with a significant pause in the vocal track. This came very abruptly and I was disappointed I didn’t just go download a clip off The Pirate Bay or something.

Seriously. They didn’t censor “sleep with”, then why should they censor “screw”? Heck, they could’ve defended the “foul language” with interpreting it as “you’ll never screw a light bulb like common people”…

And on the same subject, how about the lyrics “smoke some fags” in the same song? Doesn’t that translate into “kill homosexuals with a gun”? Be consistent – censor anything that might be “bad”!

Also, I can’t embed the song on my blog due to UMG’s YouTube settings. So I won’t link the YouTube page either. Screw you, UMG. Go away and come back when you understand the internets.

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