MySQL replication

Uhm. I’m about to fiddle about with MySQL database replication to load balance database access. It’ll be interesting to see how well it actually works.

If I manage fine, it will finally be a good time to centralise my database management. This includes getting a single mail server db for accounts/password, instead of having two slightly different mail server setups which can’t work together – instead of backup MX servers etc.

So by centralising I don’t mean a monolithic setup. More like implementing identical systems working as redundant fallbacks, while maintaining a single entry point. Though the entry point might still be rather redundant if I work some black IP magic.

Also it will increase backup simplicity, which I have noticed is beginning to feel necessary. For backup I’m currently using sloppy rsyncing between systems. This could easily be outsourced to two or more separate systems just filled to the brim with harddrives. Tape is so expensive. :)

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