The copyright issue in Sweden

<Medicine> How important do people in Sweden think that the copyright issue is?
<MMN-o> Medicine: Most people (the big herd of sheep) have the general opinion “it’s bad but… what the hell, it’s not like I’m hurting the already rich”
<MMN-o> Medicine: However, people who have evolved from that generally understand that you can’t get rid of filesharing. They support filesharing because they don’t want to go back to buying plastic.
<MMN-o> Medicine: …which means they support filesharing because there are no alternatives.
<MMN-o> Medicine: Further down that slope, the few hardcores (percentually, we are rather many in numbers – the pirate party basically :)) see the consequences of implementing “filesharing laws”
<MMN-o> To control filesharing, you have to control communication. ALL communication. Filesharing – that is, sharing data between two people, can be done in ANY way over ANY medium
<MMN-o> and on the internet in ANY communication channel with ANY method.
<MMN-o> So in order to actually outlaw filesharing, you would have to either ban or strictly control communication – or have the incentive of fear and threats to stop people.
<zash> Sharing is something we have always done and will keep doing until we are no longer human.
<MMN-o> The Swedish Pirate Party believes this is a bad way to run a democracy. So we believe that non-commercial filesharing (private communication channels) should be legal.
<MMN-o> However, as soon as you start making money (directly) from someone’s work – there must be a time limit.
<MMN-o> This time limit is enforcable, because when people pay for something there is a paper trail (and many other reasons). So that’s actually enforcable to a degree.
<MMN-o> Medicine: But still, most people are stuck at either “I’m not hurting because I’m not stealing [at least not from someone poor]” or “I can’t go back to the 20th century ffs”

I noticed afterwards that I didn’t actually answer the question. It’s still a rather good summary, though, methinks!

<MMN-o> Medicine: However I have heard even the least likely people explaining that filesharing promotes artists and that it actually, reasonably, should help them make money at least in other ways
<MMN-o> Medicine: If you look at various age groups, the younger they are the higher probability they think filesharing is good for society.
<MMN-o> Medicine: …within ages capable of independent thought and analysis… :)

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