Wikileaks is important – I donated support

Wikileaks has released the US Congress’ quasi-secret reports, partly using The Pirate Bay.

Wikileaks is doing the best job I can think of in the name of free information and democracy. Publishing what is chosen to be hidden in order to reveal the truth to those it matters to – us, people in an ever-tightening world of surveillance and “secureness”.

Phenomenons like Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay are the best thing to come in the 21th century. Soon they will also be the most necessary weapons in case further laws across the globe strip ordinary citizens of human rights.

In Sweden, communication is no longer considered private. In this year, “FRA” will be supplied automatically with copies of all cable-bound communication passing Sweden’s borders. Yes. All of it. No matter how much they say “we’re throwing the uninteresting data away”, it still means they analyze private communication.

With The Pirate Bay going through THE SPECTRIAL, which I will travel down to Stockholm to visit, I figured Wikileaks might need some support to stay afloat on the seven internetseas.

Dear Mikael Nordfeldth,
This email confirms that you have paid 20.00 EUR using

The Pirate Bay are using ads to pay the bills, which is something I’ve got a negative attitude towards. Also, they seem to be staying afloat rather well so far, considering how they have the Swedish law on their side.

Until the non-forced EU-directive “IPRED” (which the Swedish government will implement) passes of course. And apply data retention laws, and wait for ACTA as well as the telecom treaty.

Then a private person (Ipred) will be able to request/take advantage of private data from logged private communications (retention, Acta) and if they want to have it supplied to another nation’s law enforcement (Acta) and ban them from the Internet (telecom).

And if it weren’t for Wikileaks we wouldn’t know nearly as much as we do about the democratic tragedy that is Acta. So please, if you have the dimes to spare, give them your support. It’s better than starving kids in Africa.

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