Spotify bends over as expected

Brokep writes about Spotify and that they’re doing some important changes to the Spotify music catalogue. My secret internet romance rsms mentions it in Swedish.

Here’s what the Spotify press release(?) says:

The changes are being made so that we implement all the proper restrictions that are required by our label deals. Some tracks will be restricted from play in certain countries, this means that if you share tracks with friends who are in other countries it’s possible that they won’t be able to listen to them. The reason for this is that our agreements contain strict rules as to what tracks can and can’t be played in various countries that we are now capable of implementing.

Fortunately, artists can (if they’re not on a nazi label) upload music to, earn royalties, spread music, receive fame and a direct communication with fans. (and no, Myspace isn’t even comparable).

That said, I know I’ve been an ass to Spotify in previous posts. They deserve it, of course, but then again I do think the developers seem like cool people. From what I understand, it’s the same team that gave us the (sadly) closed source µTorrent client for BitTorrent. It’s the crap-ass labels they’ve signed up with that need a lecturing. Spotify themselves explain on the website:

These restrictions are a legacy from when most music was sold on tapes and CDs and they have continued over into streaming music, our hope is that one day restrictions like this will disappear for good.

This of course yet again declares that rocks. Spotify sucks.

And will there ever be something shown to the public on the distribution of the money that spotify might earn, to the artists versus the copyright holders?

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