France vs. Democracy

“Imagine a database whose aim is to centralize and analyze data on people aged 13 or above who are active in politics or labor unions, who play a significant institutional, economic, social or religious role, or who are ‘likely to breach public order.’ At first glance one might think the country in question is Russia or Zimbabwe but the truth is, it’s a democratic nation which is implementing this database. Specifically, France.”

BOUJA! That’s how we like it. Keep track of the … wait, no not criminals. The … wait, no not terrorists. The … yeah, PEOPLE!

If you stick out from the crowd and perhaps have a revolutionising idea, don’t trust anyone with it. You should keep the idea to yourself and – when you’re fed up with it – apply for a proper job. Where you do what your boss tells you to do. And if you are the boss, you should do what others bosses do. Namely, telling other people to do stuff that’s already been done.

Are they really, really, really, super serial with this?

Wait, there’s more… (from the article)

“There is nothing in the decree that sets limits or a framework. Whether the database is used with or without moderation depends only on orders from up high.”


The information that can be collected includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, physical appearance, behavioral traits, fiscal and financial records, and details about people who have personal ties with the subject.

Critics say this means the police can store data on people’s ethnic origin, sexual preference or intimate relationships.

Seriously, France sucks.

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